A source for bathroom and basement reno inspiration...

We hope our collection of articles and project summaries can serve as a source for bathroom and basement reno inspiration for any renovation project you may be dreaming about. 

Always dreamed of having a basement bar? Do you covet the laundry rooms of your neighbours? Long for family movie nights in a fancy home theatre? Tired of your kids taking over the living room? Want help figuring out how to finance your next project?

Whether your want a master bathroom remodel, a fresh basement bathroom renovation,  or to finish your basement including extra bedrooms, a summer kitchen, and more, our basement remodeling team is excited to share finished basement and bathroom interior design ideas, advice, and stories of completed projects for inspiration.

Architecture plan and rolls of blueprints representing basement finishing ideas

Basement Finishing Ideas For Your Next Renovation

Are you looking for basement finishing ideas for your next renovation in London, Ontario? You’ve come to the right place! Check out these popular suggestions to help bring your dream renovation to life. From creative storage solutions to modern updates, we will help you create a beautiful and functional living space. So read on and get inspired!

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Yellow safety helmet and piggy bank with blueprint, calculator and laptop on table.

How To Pay For Your Basement Renos

You have many options when determining how to pay for your basement renos. Let’s look at a few things you need to consider first and then weigh your choices for financing the project so you can make an informed decision and be ready to start your dream home renovations.

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